Winter - The Water Element

The images below taken from various wanderings this winter show us how intense a season winter is! Only the bare bones of existence remain, the brutal identity of the landscape is laid bare to reveal something very peaceful yet ominous at the same time. This is water’s ‘dao’, it’s existence and definition are paradoxical in nature - stillness vs flow, destructive vs nourishing, powerful vs calm, terrifying vs pacifying…the list goes on!

Water is Winter’s element and the colour associated with them is blue. Can you see how the light in the photos below is very bluey? Especially in the photo of the sunset, the light on the snow makes the the snow look blue! This is not something you’ll see in other seasons. The warm orangey light in September for example is a stark contrast to this.

You can see how this is a season for rest and recuperation, a time to find inner peace and to learn from the what the previous year has taught us. If we live in accordance with this process we’ll arrive in Spring prepared and optimistic for the year ahead.

Grace Elliston