The Elements Project

The Elements Project is a London based, Five-Element Acupuncture practice founded by Georgie Ireland and Grace Elliston.

Our mission is to bring this ancient practice into the modern world and to ensure all our patients are in physical, mental and emotional balance.



We’ve been amazed at how a 2,000-year-old practice not only helps our patients deal with modern life but also empowers them to be a boss. With ‘wellness’ everywhere, we also know first-hand just how overwhelming it can feel when you need help or want to start investing in yourself. We feel passionately that Five Element Acupuncture can cut through all the mental and external noise and bring you back to basics. Our job is to remind you that when you are well, you have all the tools not only to manage life, but also to embrace it and thrive. 

Your life. Your project.


I left feeling on top of the world. Over the past few months, my whole perspective on life has shifted and so many things have improved for me, both mentally and physically.
— Nina, with The Elements Project since 2017