The Elements Project


Five Element Acupuncture is a holistic practice which can be used to treat a whole range of physical, mental and emotional concerns. Just as our physical bruises heal, we all have the ability to self-heal when we are in balance. Our job is to remind you of this.

Often in the West we wait until symptoms arise until we seek help. As Five Element acupuncture is a preventative practice, it is important you know you don’t need to have anything wrong with you: mere curiosity, or a sudden desire to invest in your health are all great reasons to start treatment.

Below are a list of the more common complaints we treat:

Having never considered myself a believer in Chinese medicine, I can honestly say that my experience with Grace has transformed me into a avid advocate of Five Element acupuncture. I initially went to Grace with long-term fatigue and lethargy, over time I have found it surprisingly helpful with a variety of physical, mental and personal problems - most notably sleep and anxiety issues. I can honestly say my general well-being and mental state has never been better.
— Anthony, 2018
the elements project stress


We’ve all experienced stress. It’s an essential part of life which drives us forward and helps us achieve our goals. However, if not in check, it can creep up on us leaving us fried, wired and overwhelmed by the slightest thing. Yes, stress is inevitable, but it does not have to consume nor control you. When you are strong and in balance, you can flow through life and access the warrior that resides within.

the elements project anxiety


Anxiety is odd. When it rears its ugly head, you can dwell on the past, catastrophize the future, feel sick in your stomach or tight in your chest. It is all encompassing, exhausting and quite frankly boring. Whilst pills are great to subside the feeling and strategies are available to manage it, there’s not much out there to rid you of it. For us, anxiety is just another alarm bell that you are out of balance. Therefore, if this is restored, we can finally mute the voice which tells you odd things like you’re not living your best life.

When I first started acupuncture I was really struggling with hormonal issues, anxiety and just generally feeling ungrounded and in my head. Ten months into seeing Georgie I could not recommend her more. I now feel so much more in control of my anxiety and my hormonal issues have levelled out.
— Occy, 2019
the elements project  insomnia


Sleep is precious. Reality is a lot of us just lie awake for what feels like an eternity contemplating our existence. The rest of us wake up after a 10-hour sleep feeling like we’ve been hit by a bus. The exhaustion, intimate relationship with caffeine and endless conversations about how tired we are, only make us feel, well, more exhausted. When we are plugged back into the natural rhythms of our bodies, we should dream peacefully and know what it feels like to be our Duracell bunny friend who (astoundingly) never ever gets tired.

the elements project ibs

ibs & intolerances

The time has finally come for us Brits to embrace the conversation about our guts and bowels. There is nothing more uncomfortable then feeling seven months pregnant after a pizza or as unsettling as running to the loo five times a day followed by a road block for the next two. It makes us feel gross and needs to stop. Ideally, when our systems are functioning as nature intended, we should poo like clockwork and delight in eating everything and anything.

Georgie’s acupuncture is magical. Whether I need healing or simply need a boost to regain balance and calm, acupuncture has become an instrumental part of my  life. I’m a total convert and can’t contemplate not having it in my life. I could not recommend Georgie and Five Element Acupuncture more highly.
— Camilla, 2019
fertility the elements project


Whether you love or hate them – we ladies have to deal with our periods. They’re the only outward sign we have of our fertility and the best evidence of the cyclical nature of our bodies. So, it can be pretty disconcerting when they take you by surprise or never arrive. It’s also not right to feel excruciating pain or be plunged into a sea of overwhelming emotions. When we are in balance our periods should run smoothly every month, reassuring us that the rest of our internal systems are working well.


the elements project pain 2.png

Physical pain & tension

From hours spent sitting at a desk, hunched over, staring at a screen to trialling out the latest SAS style fitness trend, modern life takes its toll on our bodies. We suffer from debilitating migraines, a permanently clenched jaw and pain in places we didn’t even know existed. For us, all this tension is just a sign there is a big block of energy which needs to pass through. By releasing it, the energy should flow, and the pain subside.


Grace has really helped me on the road to getting my body back to working order. I’ve learned to leave everyday stresses behind so they don’t have such a powerful impact on my body and am now sleeping like a baby! I highly recommend
— Kerryn, 26

other symptoms we treat

 • psoriasis • depression • complacency • intertia • fear • eating diorders • unexplained illnesses • sweating • feelings of disconnect & isolation • existential angst • libido •

What to expect

the elements project moxa

Treatment Structure 

In order to build a solid foundation, we advise that the first four treatments are committed to on a weekly or fortnightly basis.  Following on from this, we should expect the gaps between treatments to extend until they reach the end goal of five sessions per year. 

Individual Sessions 

During the initial session you will discuss your main complaint with Georgie or Grace and what you would like to achieve from treatment.  This will include a general overview of your health and lifestyle so we can decide what best course of action to undertake. Following this, we will carry out a brief physical examination before beginning treatment. All subsequent sessions are tailored entirely to you as a unique individual and your response to the previous treatment. 

Before Treatment 

We require natural light for diagnosis so all initial consultations (2hours) must be booked in the day time. We offer 5pm slots on Tuesday and Wednesday. Follow up treatments can be arranged at a later time with 8pm our latest slot on Tuesday and Wednesday.  

You don’t need to prepare anything before treatment except we ask that you come wearing no make-up or perfume. Otherwise, enjoy the experience and ideally don’t go too crazy with alcohol straight afterwards (a couple of glasses is fine). 


We abide by a strict and professional Code of Ethics, which ensures the confidentiality of each of your sessions. Nothing you say leaves the four walls of the treatment room. The only exception we will make is when we consider you to be a serious risk of harm to yourself or others. 

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your appointment up to 24 hours before. Just follow the link in the confirmation email to choose a new slot, if you need to cancel completely please get in touch through If you fail to do so outside the 24 hour period or fail to turn up to your appointment you will be charged the full appointment fee.

Every time I come I feel better and better; my sleep has improved & stress levels way lower. It’s been a real game changer for me! I can’t recommend Five Element acupuncture enough.
— Henry, 2018